Wayne’s quiet world

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Last week I traveled to Wayne, Maine to visit a beloved friend, Katherine. She is laying claim to her father’s retirement home, the kind of legacy that some of us have faced, and for one reason or another, have sold. In her case, she is making way for a new relationship to her father’s land and all that he left behind.

Jack Mahoney was an avid fisherman and salty outdoorsman. Kathy shares his Yankee humor, so we spent most of our time laughing our guts out.


We walked around the property, which borders Androscoggin Lake.


We later identified this peculiar fungi with a guide found among Jack’s hefty book collection. (These are shaggy manes, Coprinus comatus, also know as inky caps, thanks to Charlotte Carlson’s note in the comments!)


I heard the story about how Jack got this deer.


We had so much to catch up on! And walks to share, over beaver-chiseled logs and deer droppings.


Found this glorious chart on Jack’s table.


After a good night’s sleep with loon calls over the lake, I woke to find a guy dipping a net.


There was just enough time to make a quick pastel study before we packed up to leave.


Thanks to Katherine for a serene retreat filled with great company! The legacy of place is beyond compare in the realm of memory. What a blessing to sustain it for making new stories.




  1. The mushrooms are shaggy manes, Coprinus comatus, also know as inky caps.

    • Thank you, Charlotte! I will now edit the post.

  2. I spy a Jim Beam bottle? My mom had quite a collection.

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