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Perhaps I worked at Hallmark in another life. I love greeting cards. Making them, buying them, sending them. With the advent of e-cards, I’m even more determined to snail mail something that is handsomely crafted and lovingly decorated. While still pondering what this year’s holiday greeting might look like, I re-purposed some old postcards, with a circle cutter, a glue stick, and some fun handmade papers I bought.


Paired with colorful envelopes and scraps of old wrapping paper, off they went to the Peaks Island Post Office.


The arctic fox illustration is from A Warmer World by Caroline Arnold. The snowy setting seems to fit, right?


Making these suited my collage tendencies while sharing my love of nature. The surprise was finding papers that reinforced the holiday flavor.


But I quickly ran out of postcards to cut up. Heading back to the drawing board, I stayed with the snowy animal theme.


If you want one, send me your address!

I have plenty of cards now, thanks to also buying from my students at the MECA Holiday Sale. Could not resist! Left to right and top down, cards by: Ashley Palmer, Paul Gray, Adra McBride, Isaac Hilyard, Catherine Bates, Taylor Mirabito, Abbie Masso, and Jesenia Santana.


Meanwhile, MECA senior illustration student, Katie Ackley has been doing an internship with Morris & Essex. Here Katie screen prints holiday cards while owner, Eliza Jane Curtis, looks on from a corner at A Gathering of Stitches.


Soon to arrive will be my superhero husband’s cards, which I always love more than mine. This is Bug Light in Portland, Maine, a sweet sight we see ferrying back and forth from the island.


Warm wishes for a wild holiday, everyone!


  1. You’re an inspiration!

  2. These cards are absolutely amazing !!

  3. So beautiful and creativ, especially the one with the whale and the reindeer, love them all!!!
    Have you been whale watching again…..?

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