sayonara, seniors

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Hear them roar! The Maine College of Art illustration seniors are poised to graduate. It’s been a privilege to work with this spirited group during their final semester. Hannah Rosengren’s poster above doubled also as a promotional postcard, handed out at the recent Portfolio Reviews I coordinated as a culmination of their labors.

Many thanks to the talented Greta Rybus for these photos. Here Hannah meets with Chief Creative Officer Larry Vine at Garrand.

photo © Greta Rybus

photo © Greta Rybus

Peter Rimkunas shares a laugh with Chris Hadden of Hadden Design.

photo © Greta Rybus

photo © Greta Rybus

Megan McConagha of 360 Uncoated meets with Gaella Materne.

photo © Greta Rybus

photo © Greta Rybus

I’m so grateful to all the creatives who shared their professional wisdom! Thanks also to Justin Alves, Todd Backus and Karen Lybrand at Portland Stage Company, Mandy Davis at 360 Uncoated, Kate Gable at Maine Magazine, Stacy Kim at Perchmade, and Suzanne LaGasa at VIA. Their feedback was incredibly vital as these new illustrators launch from the studio.

Meanwhile, all seniors mount a thesis which includes a written paper and a visual display. Hannah Rosengren installed a room inspired by her love of mid-century style that features her surface designs, book jackets, a plush toy, and a Monkees album cover.


Devon Johnson showcased her illustration around a vanity complete with fabric designs and illustrated packaging.


Michelle Cooney made the most of a divided wall space, dangling playful creatures over a drinking fountain between larger watercolors.


Come see all the work this Friday during the opening reception for MECA’s 2013 Index Show, 5 – 8 PM.

The need for play gave us an opportunity for fresh air over at Deering Oaks Park.


Congratulations, Gaella, Daelyn, Andi, Michelle,, Noreen, Peter, Devon, Olivia and Hannah!


Fare thee well, class of 2013!

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