moto anniversary 25: stonington

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Marty and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a wonderful rain-free ride to Stonington, Maine. Our romance began with travels, so it’s fitting that we spend our anniversaries with a journey, this time to a pretty harbor about 170 miles north of Portland. We don’t get on our bikes as often as we’d like, so when we do, we take a LOT of pictures of them! The sign above is just down the road from the South China Library, one sweet stop, being the oldest continually operating library in the State of Maine, founded in 1830.

We also stopped in Belfast for a break and to check the map. No GPS for us, we like navigating with folded paper.


The sight of old tugs and old bikes together warms my heart.


Notice that my bike, a Honda GB 500 is a single seat, while Marty’s Honda CB1 is the beast of burden. We ambled about town and browsed at Bella Books, delighted to find they sold Wade Zahares prints!


Turns out the salty proprietor, Gary, is his in-law. Great shop. Belfast if full of curiosities, truly.


We arrived miles and miles later at the Inn on the Harbor to this magnificent view.


The next day the fog burned off, and we exchanged our gifts of hand-made cards and wee presents: a hand-made sketchbook and Koi watercolor set for Marty, and a brass bracelet for me, fashioned from a lobsterman’s gauge, made by Peaks Island neighbors, Gail and Scott Kelley. Ayuh, indeed! These can be found at David Wood.


For those who enjoy a little time travel, here we were on July 30, 1988, a steamy day to seal our vows with a kiss.


We restaged this along the road to Haystack.


The ride to this remote school of arts and crafts is hands down, the most scenic of all, along a causeway past more ocean views than you can count.


The Haystack stairs offer a legendary point of reflection.


Back in Stonington, right next door to the Inn, is a surprisingly entertaining endeavor, the Deer Isle Granite Museum.  This former pharmacy houses a large diorama of the Crotch Island Quarry, complete with a working train set and sound effects.


Great ship models, too. Water for the rock saws had to be brought over by boat.


Stonington is proud of it’s heritage.


We dined at the nearby Aragosta, sharing a toast to more anniversaries like these.


Before heading off the next day, we spent time on the deck documenting the view.


I only managed a quick sketch of the harbor.


It was hard to leave this place.


We took a detour to the Holbrook Island Sanctuary for a short picnic under puffy clouds.


We met some friendly fellows on bikes who had a plate that says it all.


The ride back to Portland seemed longer, with stops for gas and ice cream and just stretching our legs.


Here’s to more breezy miles of marriage with Marty!

We’re barely unpacking. Off to Nova Scotia now, with our daughter and trusty Subaru. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes!






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  1. Looks & Sounds Perfect !!! Here’s to celebrations every year on your day…
    I toasted you then, as I do now…
    with much love.
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! ! !
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    • h a v e • a • b l a s t • i n •
    • N o v a S c o t i a •

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