Don’t ask me how a flock of wild turkeys has been roaming our end of the island for many weeks. Leading up to Thanksgiving Day, there were plenty of jokes about them. Peaks Island is part of the City of Portland, where no hunting is permitted, so these birds were just free range.

When our daughter returned for college break, our first stop was at the delightful Dahlov Ipcar exhibit at the Portland Public Library. You can’t miss the fantastic reading nook with a mural of lively fowl! This First Friday is the closing reception, so hurry up.

Besides Ipcar’s original picture book art that dates as far back as the 40’s, there are super sweet animals hopping around.

On Thanksgiving Day, we ventured across the road to our neighbor’s house where a bunny named Mathilda holds court on the porch. Here’s my humble sketch of her bundle of fur.

The Moxhay’s kitchen has been duly represented in Island Birthday.

I could hardly do it’s wonders justice in my illustration. We walked into a cloud of yummy cooking smells.

Our dear neighbor Nicole was already there, sharing this board of goodness.

An elegant table had been lovingly set, hand-lettered place cards by Imogen.

Nikolai made hand printed souvenirs for everyone.

He also entertained us all with his nimble balloon craft. I sketched one of them later.

After a sumptuous meal, we headed to the shore just in time for the day’s end.

It took more than a few self-timed camera shots to get this one. Don’t blink!

The sky just kept getting better and better.

We earned our pie, we did!

Nothing like a dessert table, is there? Ginger tea, chardonnay, cider, and cabernet with a heady bouquet of conversations.

Thank you, Moxhays, for hosting a memorable feast!

As a family, we avoid Black Friday. All I bought was two pounds of coffee from Peaks Island Coffee Roasters during a ride around the Rock.

On Saturday, we headed to town. Big YES to Small Business Saturday! I found gorgeous hand printed wares by Pretty Flours on our way to the Animation Show of Shows at the Portland Museum of Art.

Sunday was all island time. Long walks and talks.

We walked past the horses. Daisy heard the news: these acres of island farm are up for sale, victim of a border dispute.

I drew island horses owned by Jeanann Alves years ago for her picture book, Maddie’s Magical Ride. In fact, Olwyn and Imogen Moxhay posed for this illustration when they were little.

I hope the horses can remain on island, and their story has a happy ending. I give thanks to all the creatures here and gone on this tiny rock three miles out to sea! SO grateful for family, friends, and children’s books, they all share a deep thread in my life.









  1. Thank you, Jamie. Your wonderful sketches chronicle our lives.

  2. A wonderful Thanksgiving, Jamie. Thank You for sharing your stories & art!

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