Here Comes April! Yes, the award-winning author of Here Come the Humpbacks! came east from Indiana, and migrated to my shore last week. What a pleasure to meet April Pulley Sayre for the first time.


April’s always on the search for natural wonders and wanted to explore tide pools. I brought her to the best spot at low tide, Picnic Point, where she didn’t waste any time getting her feet wet.

I perched nearby, sketching Whitehead Passage.


She caught me in a pano shot.

photo © April Sayre

photo © April Sayre

We watched a tanker emerge from the distant mist.

The steady tanker flow into Portland harbor became ready reference when I made this illustration for Here Come the Humpbacks.


We decked out the guest room in a whale theme, of course. April slept under this pastel from the book.


My handy humpback prop kept her company on the night table.


photo © April Sayre

My grandfather, Roland Bell Hogan Sr., hooked this rug, which last summer became my prized possession.

Finally, I got April to sign my copy of our book!


photo © April Sayre

She took this pano of my messy studio as I worked on a new project, this one about porcupines!


photo © April Sayre

We had a grand time talking about books, the birds, our families, and the fog. April had come to Peaks Island via other travels, and enjoyed a bit of island relaxation.


Thank you, April, for making the trek. It’s a special place that we share, in the vessel of a book. I’m honored that it continues to make a splash. I hope your island wanders bring forth new book wonders in the future!


  1. Jamie,
    As allways, Wonderful !
    Your grandfather hooked that rug???
    It’s beautiful!! Fantasti!!
    When?? How old was he?
    A pure work of art. Would love to see it some day.

    • Gunnel, Yes, my Grampy Hogan made that, probably in his retirement years. My cousin has had it for years but bequeathed it to me last summer, thanks to my humpback fixation. Come visit!

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