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Another semester has begun in the BFA program at Maine College of Art, with some refreshing changes. We have a new Interim Dean, Ian Anderson, who has worn many hats during his time with the school. He’s been both on faculty and in the administration. Yay for all of us.
Above is my impromptu phrenology of a dean: one who makes art, listens, knows the bones of the institution, the students, the faculty, and the staff, and has a big heart.  

There’s a whole new studio space for majors in illustration, new media, graphic design, and photography. Kinda chaotic sorting out who got what desk where, but the sunshine prevailed.

On the first day of IL 421, the illustration majors’ studio class, students brought in sketchbooks they were asked to fill over the summer. I’m trying to figure out what moves them in their spare time.

Alex is big on the cosmic scene right now, painting planets and deep space.

 Devin’s full of pathos.

Bridget has editorial ideas, in this drawing mourning the passing of the shuttle enterprise.

Bill enjoys fantasy characters in elaborate costume.

Brittany has a fluid style for figures.

Zoe’s sketchbook is filled with a cast of adorable characters.

Ali created a cat named Louis, ready to star in a story.

We drew from a model together, all feeling a bit out of practice. I’m happy to report this class is able to draw circles around me. Here’s a sketch by Michael.

I did this one of the setting.

Good warm-up for sketching the president, Don Tuski, shortly after class, while he gave a report on MECA in Osher Hall. Things are happening, lots of good news and forward movement.

I lingered in the halls to check out the current show of MFA student work. This installation of drawings by Carlos Pileggi is mesmerizing.

MECA is five sprawling floors of intense surprises; students have ample room to put their work out there. Down the hall is Mail Me, an exhibit of incoming student art mailed from home during the summer.

This one stood out, by Peter Rimkunas. It deftly captures the maze we travel in, as well as the aspirations that stand above the rest. The sense of order, structure, and conceptual meaning are well beyond the average. I hope he takes an illustration class! (note: after posting this encountered him in the halls, he is a transfer illustration major now, to our good fortune.)

I liked this one, too, by Vivian Ewing. Could be a potential sculpture major. Many students stayed in the bounds of a square, perhaps that was the required format. But this mobile with fluttering color and a paper crane, delicately folded from a map, ascends to another place.

It feels good to be back in the hive again.

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  1. wow, the new classrooms look amazing! Looks like you have a good batch of ambitious ninjas. 🙂 Have a great semester!

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