a close shave with sketchbook project 2014

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 I sent off my latest Sketchbook Project in the nick of time. Big exhale! I knew it was optimistic that I could complete it on top of my John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall deadline. But I couldn’t resist!

I decided it would keep my pencils sharp by drawing yet more Muir and yet more beards. The more I learn about him, the more I love him.


I drew a few other bearded wonders from the same century. In fact, the 19th century is apparently famous for big beards, in a complex blend of historical factors, according to this article in the Atlantic.

Anybody know this man?


Flash forward to the  2013 World Series, where beard styles ruled the bases.


I didn’t want to leave out the ladies. For a good time, Bearded Lady can fix what ails ye with an alcoholic concoction.


I drew my local heroes as well. Who better than my  neighbor and fearless leader of Maine College of Art‘s illustration department than Scott Nash:


Fellow islander Mitchell Murdock is soon to be famous in the film realm,  you watch.


Parting with my sketchbook was sweet sorrow. But it will come back this way on a Northeast tour this summer.

Meanwhile, back to my Muir deadline.

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  1. No one, but no one, draws beards like Jamie Hogan!

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