Women’s March

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drawing by Jamie Hogan

You know it’s serious when an introverted, crowd-averse, middle-aged peep decides to go to the NYC Women’s March.

But how could I not? I joined my neighbors, Nicole d’Entremont and Eleanor Morse, both writers and veteran activists for civil rights, peace, and the environment. Nicole and I left serene sunshine on Peaks Island, crossed Casco Bay, and took the bus to NYC, where a soft drizzle greeted us.


photo by Jamie Hogan

We walked to Chelsea where I met our host, Fran, and her friend, Shirley, who is a Raging Granny. Here’s my sketch of Shirley in her Pucci scarf.


Drawing by Jamie Hogan

She invited us to join the opening ceremonies at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in the morning. So we did.


photo by Jamie Hogan

It was a tight mob of buoyant citizens, many signs and so many smiles. Rosie Perez introduced several of the speakers.


photo by Jamie Hogan

Whoopie Goldberg addressed the crowd, saying “The change is on us! This is just the beginning.”


photo by Jamie Hogan

There were songs, more speakers, including a hello from Dame Helen Mirren and a welcome from New York City’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray. We sang our national anthem together and then we were off, literally like a herd of turtles, inching ever so slowly over to the street. This is Nicole and Fran, in the foreground, ready to hoist our banner, painted by Marty Braun.


photo by Jamie Hogan

It served right away as a connector between us, the crowd was so thick. We chatted with other sign-makers.


photo by Jamie Hogan

I met a fellow biker, proudly sporting her pink hat.


photo by Jamie Hogan

It seemed to take forever to reach the end of the block but everyone was in a good mood.


photo by Jamie Hogan

Finally, we made it to Second Avenue where we could actually march. Onward!


photo by Nicole d’Entremont

When we turned onto 42nd Street, I was overwhelmed with pride for the marchers, as far as the eye could see! Yes, this is what democracy looks like. Somebody joked, yeah, like gridlock.


photo by Jamie Hogan

By the time we reached Grand Central Station, we needed a pit stop.


photo by Jamie Hogan

As did everyone else. We’d been on our feet for almost six hours. Really?!! We left the march and headed back to Chelsea. Friends elsewhere were marching, too. Here is Madeline Sorel and friends, somewhere near us.


photo by Madeline Sorel

And Doris Ruth Barton, also in NYC.


photo by Mary EllRoy

Back in Maine, a group of Peaks Island kids had the same idea for the Portland march.


photo by Olwyn Moxhay

My heart sang to see a photo of my neighbors filling the ferry, feisty as ever.


photo by Patricia Erikson

The Portland March drew 10,000! Here an invincible Zahara stands firm on the Eastern Prom.


photo by Mary Anne Lloyd

The hand-made nature of signage is a beautiful thing.


photo by Olwyn Moxhay

Up in Augusta, my cousin Wanda was with friends and family.


photo by Wanda McDonough

Fellow islander Jane Banquer reported the crowd in August was too big to move.


photo by Jane Banquer

Meanwhile, islander Carol Young, on the far right, met up with friends in DC.



Daisy brought her sign to a protest in Baltimore.


photo by Daisy Braun

Her roommate Ellie took note that the new administration has deleted quite a few pages from the White House website.


photo by Daisy Braun

On Sunday, Nicole and I walked along the High Line. This manifesto by Zoe Leonard from 1992 remains potent.


photo by Jamie Hogan

Signs, signs, everywhere about what is going down.


Photo by Jamie Hogan



photo by Jamie Hogan

Given what’s happened in just a few days, we got way more more marching and resisting to do.






  1. Thanks Jamie for captured moments of the women’s marches all around! So beautiful, peaceful and poignant. Another amazing blog that fills our hearts.

    • Thanks for reading, Peg. My first march, but not the last!

  2. Fabulous, Jamie!
    Your postings always make me feel like I was right there with you!
    What an experience!

    • Thanks for reading, Lyn! It was humbling to be in the midst of all that people power.

  3. Wow! What a great way to greet the morning ,Jamie, with pics of the Women’s March from all over Maine, NYC, Washington,D.C., Baltimore, etc. where we all made a ruckus unto Trump! I love your quote about being, “a herd of turtles” as we inched our way to Second Ave. in NYC—Ah, so true, but ,as in the fable, Who won the race? Resist!

  4. Great stories, as always. Thank you!

    • I was grateful knowing you and Norie were somewhere in that powerful mix!

  5. Wonderful blog, Jamie. You so beautifully captured the good-natured but determined ruckus everywhere. It was an honor to march with you in NYC! There will be more to come, much more.

    • Eleanor, thanks for showing me the way. It’s just the beginning for sure.

  6. Love this post. Great energy. Fabulous signs. Thanks for writing.

    • Thanks for reading, Margaret! It was a memorable day.

  7. Thanks for your usual wonderful coverage, Jamie. I feel as if I witnessed some of it even if in spirit only. Hoping that after my complete knee replacement I’ll be fit to march again.
    Loved your drawings and colors. What else is new?

  8. great blog, Jamie

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