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What a gadabout autumn we’ve had. Last weekend we headed to Vermont for the first time in ages, to the rustic getaway house of my Kittery cousins, Mike and Wanda. They bought land from Mike’s brother Joe, a retired dairy farmer, Vietnam vet, and thespian. We were lucky to find the place in the remote hills of Marshfield just before dusk.

While others were upset about losing power, this is how they roll there, off the grid. Dinner by candlelight with long stories. Mike did the dishes under a solar lamp.

What a difference the sun makes!

Spied this dear painting by their daughter, the famous artist and educator Mati Rose.

We headed out under brisk skies for a long walk to nearby farms.

Joe’s barn is home to new calves.

Up and down some steep hills and then there were sheep.

After returning to the house for lunch, we then drove around the backroads, stopping at Hollister Hill Farm, where I was smitten by the pigs. In every stall there were piles of them dreaming, ignoring the cawing of this rooster.

Mike strolled around outside while we considered the farm products.

I sketched these today.

We drove into Montpelier. Outside of town, I saw this steeple.

Marty liked this stone truck.

I made Mike stop the car when I spotted a labyrinth, which I walked with contentment.

We went past Maple Corner, an old mill house, and many, many cows. Back at the house, Wanda made pizza.

I have these two to thank for introducing me to the mellow vibe of Maine, way back in the 80’s when I was madly buzzing about Boston. Thanks, Mike and Wanda, for getting us off the grid and into the heart of Vermont.

We left early Monday morning to head back to work. This scarecrow deserved a proper farewell.

I think I’ll be drawing pigs and cows and hills for awhile.




  1. I always know I am in for a treat when I peak into Jamie Peeps. I love going on these trips whether its Nova Scotia or Ireland or Maine and now Vermont. It’s a great way to visually pack my bags and get away from the “news” that can be so crushing these days. I can’t leave this note without mentioning the pigs that Jamie has drawn to perfection. Pigs have never been so delicate and translucent and Jamie has captured that quality. EB White did it with words; Jamie with pastels.

    • That is some compliment! And those were some pigs. I could draw them for daaaays. Thanks for reading, dear Nicole.

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