My superhero Marty framed three originals from Here Come the Humpbacks for the upcoming Children’s Book Illustration Exhibit at Charlesbridge Publishing during Children’s Book Week in May.




It was worth the hustle: Charlesbridge designer Whitney Leader-Picone was due to arrive on Peaks Island for a quick outing with her parents, visiting from California. What good sports to sail across the bay on a blustery spring day. We gathered at the island cafe along with fellow islanders and Charlesbridge regulars Tim Nihoff and Anne Sibley O’Brien. I can’t tell you how rare such a rendezvous is! Not too many publishers go so far for face time. Thanks, Whitney, for sharing your lovely folks and carrying my whales across the water!


There go the humpbacks…to Portland and beyond.


If only migration was this simple for all the sea creatures. I noticed in the local news that some loggerhead turtles, stranded by cold currents last fall, are soon to be released from the University of New England’s Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center. Let’s hope they get settled back in Florida soon. I worked on A Warmer World with Whitney a couple of years ago. This spread reminds me that loggerheads have a busy month ahead.


Earth Day is April 22 this year, just like on this calendar in the illustration. Climate change is an undeniable reality to be faced. I hope my recent books raise awareness for kids, because they’re left with our legacy of action or inaction. I’m available to visit a school or library, as are many in the kids book world. Reach out!

I’m excited to be working with Curious City on an upcoming book event at the Portland Public Library on June 1. I just received my postcards, too.


Stay tuned for details!

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