Summer Days of Daisy

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Summers in Maine are heavenly. If we could bottle them, we would. Here’s my capture of the fleeting flavors we tasted. Now that our daughter is back in Baltimore, it helps to reflect on what a Daisy-full time we had. Beginning with our trip to Ireland, we are thankful for family.

There’s been togetherness and also departures. Here Daisy heads off to visit her beau, which involved a ferry, an Uber, a train, and another ride.

There was fog. And more fog. Ferries vanishing.

Fog veiled the shore of Long Island during our Father’s Day picnic.

Daisy saw plenty of sun hanging out at the dock after work.

Her cousin Cristel and husband Ben joined us for a picnic at Table Rock just after their June anniversary.

Daisy worked hard this summer with Jeremy Sherman’s painting crew.

We all dodged golf carts, which were beyond legion.

We tiptoed around the robins nesting near our back door.

This brave baby was the first to leap from the nest.

Just before the Fourth, we visited Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jeff while they were camping.

Daisy painted a dreamy view of the dock that sold in the Color of Peaks show at the TEIA.

We strolled with Daisy’s godparents during their visit in mid July when Jojo was on Peaks for a wedding.

Daisy kayaked with them on the most stellar of days.

Even Paloma was ready!

Off they went into the passage between the Diamond islands. They stopped at Cow Island for lunch and paddled back to Peaks for dinner and blueberry pie.

We shared some evening walks to City Point.

Daisy and I enjoyed the annual Peaks Island Musicians concert at the Fifth Maine. Here Ben Tibbetts is on keyboard with Dexter Morse on alto sax, and Joanna Quinn on drums. Their jazz was the best finale.

Daisy biked off to work by 8:15 so many, many mornings.

We met up with cousin Garrett and his girlfriend, Marlee, for fine dining in their new neighborhood at Little Giant.

When our neighbors were on vacation, Daisy tended to their cat, bunny, and lovebird, Lili, who stayed with us for awhile.  Lili’s favorite word: “chuppers.” This is my sketch.

Daisy met visiting artists Henrik Drescher and Wu Wing Yee.

She took adorable photos of their dog, Tofu. How could you not.

Epic skies filled us to the brim.

A highlight of every summer is going to Circus Smirkus with our neighbors, the Moxhays.

We also had a few visits from Jonathan!

And one final picnic, just after the eclipse, with our neighbors.

Boom. A swift summer of sun, fog, and beloved folks and critters.

We packed up a rental van this past Wednesday and got in line for the car ferry early when fog blanketed Portland.

Daisy got this shot of Manhattan flying by on our sixth road trip to Baltimore.

Her first apartment is quite lovely.

We unloaded the van, bought a new bed, an old dresser, and some grocs. Marty yawns while Daisy yaks with roommate, Ellie.

Roommates reunited!

We dined at Cosima where Executive Chef Donna Crivello chatted with the girls about her first apartment in Baltimore, not far from theirs.

Some statues are gladly gone, but this one, dedicated to Francis Scott Key, remains.

We visited the American Visionary Art Museum, where O Say Can You See is their mission.

The main exhibit is Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food. From the wacky to the sobering, the show is brilliant. One whole room is bread art.

In another wing, a collection of automata can be activated. For some reason there are several of Anubis.

All of this called for a trip to the Paper Moon Diner, where quirky assemblages watch over the action.

Before we returned the rental van on Saturday, we picked Daisy up for ride to Patterson Park.  The Pagoda was closed 🙁

but rolling greens, dogs chasing balls, and chattering cicadas were just the trick for our final hour in Charm City.

SO HARD to say goodbye, but our Dreamer is ready for junior year at MICA.

We are inspired by her grace and balance. We miss you already, Daisy!









  1. What a wonderful ride you’ve taken us on–from the first pic to the final balancing act. Thanks for taking us along. See u soon.

  2. What a great summer!! Have a fantastic school year Daisy!!

  3. That makes three island kids that we know of in Baltimore. Echo, Daisy, and Sean Brodderick. Great images. Its a beautiful world.

    • Jenny, I did not know Echo is in Baltimore! Will let Daisy know to be on the lookout.

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