1- With yesterday’s news that I am on the New York Public Library’s first Top 100 books of the last 100 years, I am OVER THE MOON. Hooray for Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins! To see what amazing company I am in, see the full list here.

This chapter book was my first children’s book published, and Mitali remains an amazing mentor for me in the field of children’s books, leading the way in my first outings at schools and libraries. My portrait barely catches her brilliant smile.


2- Cool news: I will be illustrating another Mitali title, Tiger Boy, still in the production phase. Stay tuned.


3- Pour yourself a cuppa somethin’ and check out my visit to Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, the web’s #1 picture book resource blog, authored by Julie Danielson, reviewer at Kirkus whose book Wild Thing will be out next year. My favorite feature of 7 Imp’s Sunday post is Julie’s list of Seven Kicks, things that have been lovely or wondrous about her week, inviting her followers to do the same. Allow me to add another 4 “kicks” to these 3.

4- I’m having a blast with my current project for Charlesbridge, John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall. You can see my reference photo shot in our daughter’s clubhouse in the above 7 Imp, and here is the sketch up for approval.


5- I am loving my students at Maine College of Art. What a privilege to share the classroom/studio with them. I only hope I inspire them as much as they inspire me. Here’s my sketch of Hana Firestone, a lover of foxes who can take an earful of feedback with grace and grit.


6- My better half just had a big birthday! I made this card for Marty, celebrating numbers, tickets to fun, and priceless memories.


7- Blessings abound in our daughter, Daisy, who made this cut paper piece for Marty, in honor of his adoration of Rob Ryan and motorcycles, not necessarily in that order.


What are your 7 kickers? Make every day count, I always say!

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  1. I really enjoy your posts. Daisy is also an outstanding artist like her parents. I love that paper cut out card. Amazing!
    April 🙂

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