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When we moved to Maine 22 years ago from San Francisco, it was necessary to repeat Portland MAINE many times to the movers. On the west coast only Portland, Oregon counts. Tomorrow we go there for the first time, and see what magic awaits at the Illustration Conference, ICON8.


This gathering of illustrators, art directors, and designers promises to cross our eyeballs. I’ve crafted a handy little zine of my Maine sketches to share.


This includes a portrait of ICON attendee and recent MECA illo grad, Liz Long.


Just caught up with her this morning, she’s ready to fly, light as a feather.


I’m also connecting with a favorite author/poet, Susan Blackaby, whose Nest, Nook & Cranny I illustrated awhile back.

One of my fondest poems from that book describes me perfectly:

Some animals are homebodies,
Like tortoises and snails.
Their heads stick out their front doors,
Out their back doors flick their tails.
Belongings go along with them
No matter where they roam,
And you can visit anytime—
There’s always someone home.

Yes, I am a homebody! But ICON8 is too much awesome to resist.  This little hermit if ready to roll! See you soon, second Portland!


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  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy being off the rock and away from home for a short bit. We will all be happy to hear of your adventures in the other Portland when you come back to us.

    Love, Peg

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