October vibes at Moody Point

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October adventures abound. Last week we had the pleasure of staying in an antique cottage at Moody Point, thanks to Brian and Lyn Smith. It’s only a short ride from Portland but the outing hit the refresh button immediately. We stopped in to peek at the new Mothers Wing at the Graves Memorial Library and then visited the Corey Daniels Gallery. That place is full of wonders.

Being the lunatic I am, I saw moons and eclipses in this series of Portals by Harrison Walker.

No surprise I was drawn to Sarah Bouchard’s Orbs. They breathe so well next to Corey’s wood sculptures.

The Smith Cottage stands out, in charm and age. It was built in the mid 1800’s by a German fellow who was the first to settle on Moody Point.

Filled with antiques, seaside souvenirs, and homespun crafts, the warm presence of family history wraps around you.

We headed straight to the beach, smooth as glass.

Later our hosts walked down the street from their nearby house to join us for dinner. Marty gave Brian some beer that sports his illustration.

After hearing tales about his field trip with sixth graders to Mount Agamenticus, we decided to go the next day. Along Route 1, signs of the season were abundant.

As a White Mountain native, I was happy to hike some trails at last.

Remnants of old ski lifts are like surprise sculptures.

We encountered another sixth grade field trip at the top. The view went for days.

After the hike back down, we returned to the cottage, where I drew for awhile on the porch. There’s a landmark across the intersection that isn’t really a lighthouse, but provided a good challenge of form and shadow.

I only packed small pieces of paper and one box of Terry Ludwig pastels. Enough to keep me out of trouble.

Another walk on the beach in a different direction but at just the right slant of fading light…

This time we headed to Brian and Lyn’s house for wine, stories, and pizza. I spied Lyn’s corner of writing inspiration.

Saturday was just as clear and glorious. We hopped all the way out to the end of the jetty. This boy seemed to jump out of my Island Birthday illustrations!

Our lazy afternoon at the cottage was full of reading and writing and just watching the world go by. We found our way to Earth at Hidden Pond for dinner. Very cool vibe, surrounded by wood, literally and figuratively.

No sign of a pond, though. Does a groovy pool count?

Glad we had Google to guide us home past the ghouls in them lonely woods.

Sunday was less sunny but with silvery skies. We walked over to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge where the marshes are dotted with mirrors.

I drew some more back at the cottage.

We met up with Brian and Lyn for an afternoon trek at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. What stunning sculptures in a lovely setting! This granite pair by Jordan Smith echoes the landscape.

We all were spellbound by this towering creature of periwinkle shells. By my dear friend Pamela Moulton!

The trails fork through forests and past estuaries.

We saw where the Little River meets the sea.

photo by Brian Smith

The driftwood is natural sculpture and a fine perch for Brian and Marty.

This granite piece, Owl Rising, by Andreas Von Huene bid us farewell.

Many thanks to Lyn and Brian for sharing their wild habitat with us!

Jamie Hogan, Marty Braun, and Lyn Smith photo by Brian Smith

Next Saturday I’ll be at the Windham Primary School at 10 AM for their Family Literacy Fun Day talking about my newest book, Ana and the Sea Star. I’d love to see you there!





  1. I love Agamenticus! On a clear day you can see the hook of Cape Cod. The Wells area is so serene. I was also at the Reserve and Refuge that silvery day. I had a watercolor kit with me, but the dog wanted to go, lol. Thanks for the travelogue.

    • Karen, I wish we had seen you at the Wells Reserve. It’s been too long! cheers, Jamie

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