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We flew last week to our second Parents’ Weekend at Maryland Institute College of Art. Daisy is majoring in Printmaking, where we began with hugs galore.


The former printmaking studios are under renovation, and have relocated to 1515 Mount Royal Avenue.


Daisy showed us her recent monoprints made with a cut Mylar stencil.


We also toured the silkscreen studio, where she laid out recent editions.


I didn’t see it at first, but this is a family portrait.


We went back to her dorm to find this papercut Daisy did of her roommate, who was dreaming in the next room.


She proudly showed us her latest tool.


Working in the dark room is proving to be challenging but fun.


We headed over to the opening of an exhibit by another Maine student, Charlotte Duncan. Her work, Permanence, is elegantly crafted in a series of hand-made books, marking moments of calm beauty.


We used the handy City Paper Eats guide to find Henninger’s, a quirky place with killer crab cakes.


We kept finding murals to love, this one around the corner.


We dropped Daisy at MICA and joined our gracious hosts, Karen and Steve. Here is my humble sketch of Karen Houppert, editor of the City Paper. So grateful for their hospitality!


The next day at MICA was full of informative talks and inspiration. Megan Miller, Director of the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development led an excellent panel of recent alums talking about their journeys from school to professional life.


I sketched Precious Blake, illustrator and community organizer, who remarked, “I say stand out and be memorable.”


We found the City Cafe for a hearty brunch before more roaming in the blustery wind.


After running into fellow MICA parents, Daniel and Marcia Minter, we followed Daisy back to the silkscreen studio, where she washed out a screen for her next project.


We also encountered more exhibits, this one titled FRESH, work by female students curated by Ricki Rothchild.


Daisy left to study for a Modernism exam. We hung out in the Decker Library enjoying their new zine collection and making buttons.


And always, we spied another mural.


We rounded up a gang for a delicious evening at Cosima’s. Ellie and Daisy enjoyed the menu!


On Sunday we had a picnic at Federal Hill, Daisy’s favorite park. Best dang spot to take in the view.


Our hugs have to last a whole month. Soon enough she’ll be back on the Rock, seen here from the plane as we returned to Casco Bay.







  1. I love the trips you take us on,Jamie. I always know it will be a visual treat. Great murals in Baltimore. Who knew? I didn’t. One question….I tried and tried but couldn’t find Marty is the family portrait. Where’s Waldo?????

    • We will show you tomorrow, perhaps under the spell of donuts, you will see the invisible.

  2. How great! Daisy is doing some amazing work!!

  3. So happy you had another amazing visit to Baltimore. Fun to ‘see’ Daisy and catch up on her latest works. Thanks for sharing it all with us who wish we had been able to come with you.

    • Peg, thanks for reading and believing in Daisy’s talent. She just showed the Island Directory cover to her drawing teacher from last year. It was a hit!

  4. Oh YUM ~ * What a gift, what ! Love the whole story ! Daisy’s work * and friends * . . .loved seeing the murals. . . in deed a surprize. Thanks !

  5. Thanks for sharing your weekend Jamie. It looks like Daisy is getting the most out of MICA, and you and Marty are enjoying Baltimore big time.

  6. That was a fun trip. Thanks for taking me along and I didn’t have to leave my chair. Daisy is doing what so many only dream about doing.

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