MECA Sketchbooks on Peaks Island

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One sunny Saturday seven artists filled swell sketchbooks by the sea.

Yes, they did! I joined up with Maine College of Art CS faculty, Judy Labrasca, to lead a sketchbook class along the ocean side of Peaks Island. She ferried over with students from the mainland, doing quick contour sketches on the boat.


 We gathered in the ferry shelter to introduce ourselves, choose papers and sketchbooks, and get these nifty watercolor sets Judy made, complete with brush pens.



We walked to Sandy Beach, where the tide was too high to see any beach, but everyone found a spot on the rocks.


Anne did a lovely pastel with just a handful of pastel sticks.


Natalie drew and painted, and caught the shape of a familiar tree that hangs over the water.


Our next stop was Brackett Point cemetery, for some shade and views of the bay.


I drew Owen as he drew.


His father, Kevin, made this lively drawing of a stand of birches.


Judy drew a panorama in primary pastels.


Next stop was Picnic Point, just in time for more sun and a snack.


Aubree found delightful details in a nearby tree.


We took shelter once again, this time on the porch of the Fifth Maine Museum. After lunch, we shared our sketchbook drawings.


With just a little time left, we spread out to draw one last view. Aubree and Natalie drew from the porch.


David had to choose between drawing the chair or sitting in it.


Kevin climbed down on the rocks, nearly disappearing into the seascape. Everyone lost themselves in drawing, and it was a mad dash for the boat. Typical island behavior!


Thanks for Maine College of Art, Judy, and a fantastic group of sketchers! Our little books of paper carry markers of a memorable day in Maine.


  1. I can’t think of two better people to be guided through a day sketching on the island than you and Judy. Looks like you had a great group and fun day. Totally inspiring!

  2. Really sorry I didn’t sign up for this class. It looked like lots of fun!

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