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On Wednesday, as I was zooming down the highway to Boston, it occurred to me it’s been 25 years since I left. Driving around there with the radio tuned to WERS brings it all back. This is an illustration I did in the early 80’s, a call for art for Peter Wolf’s first solo album. I was so nervous when I met him. I never saw the art again, or him, but it still captures those nightclubbin’ years under a full moon.


I met Nancy, my longest running client, at the Boston MFA. She publishes the Lunar Calendar, to which I’ve been a contributor since 1982. As we entered the cafe space, I spotted this quilt piece. This is how I feel about Boston.


A collection of quilt flags has been created, from all over the US and the world, in support of Boston in the wake of the April 15 bombings.


We made our way underneath them to the new wing, to see Art of the White Mountains. As a native of the Whites, it was pretty cool to find a gallery full of 19th century landscapes of familiar mountains. I grew up in a beautiful place, yes. Uncanny to find this painting by Edward Hill, Night Fishing on Profile Lake. There’s that moon again.


I thank Nancy for my lunacy. I made this card for my Lunalady, as I call her.


I just finished my piece for the 2014 Lunar Calendar. Here’s a sneak peek, titled “Fog Moon.”


My works for the Lunar Calendar usually accompany poetry, recently by the visionary Sarah Fuhro. This piece, titled “Secret of the Feather” graces the current 6th lunation of the 2013 calendar.


And this was in the 2012 calendar, “Full Sap Moon.”


Both of the above will be part of MECA Collect, Maine College of Art’s Summer Art Sale next week.

Here is Nancy enjoying the marvels of New Blue and White, a fantastic show. This is Mark Cooper’s Yu Yu Blue.


This could be my favorite, Work 0808 by Harumi Nakashima. Utterly magical and brilliant.


This runs a close second, Walk the Plank by Stephen Dawes and Peter Walker.


The maritime details and tattoo styling? Swoon.


Also during my Boston swing, I stopped in Jamaica Plain, where I once lived.


My dear friend, Dan Collins, who still lives around the corner, told me my former landlords were selling this house. We ventured to knock, and sure enough, were greeted by Jim Kilmurray, who looks the same. Kinda like time travel to be led into my old apartment, now awaiting complete renovation by new owners.


Back in the day, this is where I worked. Still single, staying up til 2 AM to churn out illustrations for the Boston Globe, pre-internet. I think those are slices I made in the floor. Oops. Hurriedly cutting up packaging for a deadline.



As I stood there, looking back at Dan, the memories were pretty dusty.


For 3 years, this was my narrow hive of production. The Kilmurray’s dog, Fritz, was a regular companion when they were away.


I shot this self-portrait in the bathroom. Rockin’ that Ray Ban look of the ’80’s.


Boston, you bring me back every time. Thanks to Dan for the time travel, and to Nancy for the lunacy.

Now it’s time for the final preparation for my book celebration TOMORROW! at the Portland Public Library. Details HERE.







  1. Jamie… Thank you for, once more, bringing me along for that ride with you. I got lost as I fell back in time… into that world… a lovely journey… a gift of memory and emotion.

    • Jamie………..What a thrill it was to find you at the front door and to be able to welcome you back to 10 Dane/50 Holbrook St. Jan was so sad to have missed you as was Michael. I guess we will have to do this again soon. I was glad that you could see that your canoe still hangs in the T.V. room, and to tell you that it will hang in Apt. 257 of the JP Towers at as yet unidentified location. Your designs continue to captivate me and I wish you the best in your new show. Thanks again for stepping back into our lives and letting us keep in touch with you. Fondest Regards, Jim Kilmurray

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