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O how I love this day. It’s full of all of my favorite things: paper hearts, doilies, pink icing, and a swelling love for everyone. I should be working, but I can’t seem to pull away from the glue sticks and scissors. I’ve been making valentines galore. Here’s a few.

First, for my man. Vroom vroom valentine.
Our romance began with letters.

Next, for my sweet daughter of moonlight and magic.

I also send love to those I am fortunate to work with. Like the hotties at Curious City, who unlock the mysteries of literacy.

Like the Maine Magazine. Groovy folks there.

I’ll have some illustrations in an upcoming book from Storey Publishing. Hooray for Casting On!

Yes, yes, only one more whale illustration for Charlesbridge!

You’ll notice a recurring element here, the above urchin was part of the endpapers in Nest, Nook, and Cranny. 

The above went out to my fellow colleague in the MECA trenches who spends a large part of his time at Strange Maine, not to be confused with IL 206.

This valentine is for Kim, designer friend who keeps my soul singing.

And this goes out to all you hotties, you know who you are….feel free to share this handy message.

I’ve made a ton of valentines, not as many as last year. So little time! But the more you give, the more you receive. Lovey dovey loot is priceless.

 It’s a glorious day when the love signs can be found on the beach.
And then the neighbor brings over a plate of love. Shall I be trusted with this? Can I sneak one or two before my valentines return? Pretty please?

The window at the Gem Gallery says it all.

You better find somebody to love. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Thanks for the smiles, and happiest of happy valentines day to you too!

  2. these are so lovely! and thank you so much for my little owl valentine, so sweet!

  3. You are quite amazing, O Valentine Queen!

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