East End Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time, on a cold winter’s day, Red Riding Hood set off through the woods to her Nana’s house.

Her basket was full of pencils and paper because she loved to draw. Just for a moment, Red thought she saw a wolf.

She decided it was just the shadows in the snow tricking her eyes. She kept going, all the way across Casco Bay to Portland where Nana lived.

She climbed a steep hill and heard children’s voices. Red Riding Hood couldn’t resist going inside the big building with so many windows. She gasped when she saw all the welcoming words in so many languages!


A smiling teacher named Ms. Mosher invited Red into her classroom. The second grade students told her a story about Cinderella, and how mice turned into horses and pumpkins into a coach. Whaaat?!! Red Riding Hood couldn’t believe it. Each of them drew pictures to show her.

Look at this spotty pumpkin, and this mouse eating cheese. “Oh, now I see,” said Red.


Red loved these drawings, one mouse more full than the other. Too much cheese?


She marveled at the beautiful crown that Cinderella wore at the ball. And how, when the clock chimed midnight, the coach turned back into a spotty pumpkin.


Then Red Riding Hood went to another classroom, where Ms. Floridino’s class told her a story that sounded mighty familiar. A girl with a red hood, a basket JUST LIKE hers, and there was a wolf, too!


Red was very impressed by the details that everyone drew so carefully.


“Oh, no!” cried Red, “That looks like the wolf I saw this morning!”


Seriously, the drawings were eerily accurate. It made Red Riding Hood a little nervous.


She was relieved to see this drawing of a pine cone, one of her favorite things in the forest.


But then this scary wolf made her scream! Red Riding Hood ran into the next classroom.


The teacher there, Ms. Bergman, calmed Red down. The students told her another story, all about three pigs that couldn’t decide what house to build.

Red delighted in their pig drawings! This one looked like he was tip-toeing very delicately, maybe hoping another wolf won’t find him. Red knew this feeling.


And this little pig is quite sure that nothing is going to blow his house down. NO WAY.


This pig is so brave and pink. Stand tall, y’all!


But even Ms. Bergman was drawing a wolf! A very elegant and not mean wolf, to Red’s relief.


When Red saw this Big Bad Wolf, she got nervous again.


But somebody drew a big brick house, and the pigs were safe after all. Whew!


She headed into another room, where Ms. Pelletier’s class was waiting. They told Red a story about Goldilocks and three bears. No wolves, thank you very much. Red is very fond of bears.


Each bear was so lovable, like this Mama and Baby Bear.


Don’t forget Papa Bear!


They drew the bowl and spoon for the porridge that was just right, not too hot or too cold.


This is the chair before it broke. Poor Goldilocks!


Suddenly Red Riding Hood got hungry. She remembered she still had to walk through more woods to Nana’s house. She thanked all the great artists for sharing their stories and drawings with her. Off she went down the hill where the forest was only a little bit dark.

How glad Red Riding Hood was to see her Nana’s house at last!

As she ate her favorite snack, Red told Nana all about the great friends she met, full of admiration for their art and stories.

“Thank you, East End School second graders!” said Red Riding Hood, and she lived happily ever after, with pencils and paper always Side x Side in her basket.


  1. What an incredible way to show the experience that we shared with you! Thank you so much!

    • Jan, you have such an eager class of artists. Your class dynamic you have cultivated is impressive. Bravo!

  2. Dear Red
    That is the most delightful thank-you note I have ever read/seen !

  3. Dear Red
    Hm. After sending my first note i got a message it didn’t go through because I had not filled in all the info. So I sent it again. Anyway, no harm in telling you twice. It was a trip! Through the woods and then some !

    • Thank you, Gunnel! Red Riding Hood loves a good thank you!

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