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Sometimes it’s about noticing the connections. We got a ride back to retrieve our bikes from neighbor, Dick Reed. The weather looked more promising, so we rode to New Gloucester to check out the new Bresca spot and then loop back to Portland to see the Sketchbook Project. When I began my 2013 Sketchbook last October, I drew the bench in front of Bresca with my lovely cohort, Kirsten.


Chef/owner Krista Kern Desjarlais has moved her operation to Sabbathday Lake. I knew we’d found it when I spotted the same bench!


They weren’t open yet, but we delighted in the location.


This promises to be a sweet spot this summer!


By coincidence, Dick Reed renovated the nearby New Gloucester Public Library, so we stopped in.


I always visit the children’s section first, of course. Any library with a snowy owl is fine by me!


We found the best back road past hay fields and farms, back into Portland to SPACE Gallery, which makes an appearance in my 2013 book, also featuring Kirsten and her partner, Mark.


This time the Sketchbook Project rolled up to the curb on Congress Street, like a food truck, but serving sketchbooks as eye candy.


Marty, Daisy, and I were pleased to reunite with our books for a bit. Here is Marty’s drawing of our ukes.


This is one of my favorites of Daisy’s:


We also saw Book of Barb, our friend Katherine’s tribute to her departed friend.


The Sketchbook Project provided a wide drawing loop, connecting people and places all day!

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