dark shadows

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Ah, the crunchy leaf piles, the fragrance of woodsmoke, and eerie scratchings on windowpanes from gnarly branches. I so love this time of year. It’s also a blast to be part of a new show at the Gem Gallery, signage above. I was addicted to this show back in the 70’s, trotting off the school bus, opening a bottle of Tab, and flopping onto the living room couch to become mesmerized by the campy convolutions of Barnabas Collins.

My inhouse framer put my recent Zombie Warrior into a crumbling frame while I worked on a new pastel, Big Night.

This is a spot near my house, cleared of it’s birches by the owner looking to sell. Instead, it is a lonely bog, a vernal puddle that changes in size and reflections on a daily basis, always catching my eye.

Here are some shots of the installation, which Carol Cartier, fellow cohort in crime, styled after a game of Clue. Hence, next to my new pastel, I added my Miss Peacock, in the Drawing Room, with a Candlestick.

Carol is an artist of many talents: she paints, creates dolls, jewelry, assemblages, collages clothing, and writes poetry. As a former stylist, she’s outdone herself with this current installation. Downright creepy. I gallery sat on Wednesday evening, with only a few brave visitors, and I had myself a solo seance with the environment.

I’m getting a vision of Miss Scarlet in the library with a bludgeon.

And who but a Scavenger Extraordinaire like Carol would have a possessed tree stump on hand for the centerpiece?

My Zombie Warrior looks good next to Carol’s Black Siren.

Too bad: this is all that’s left of Colonel Mustard.

The Gem will host a reception for spooks today from 4 to 8 PM. You have to see it to believe it.

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