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Tonight is the 9th annual Color of Peaks show at the TEIA. I’ve been part of every one of them. The club, as it’s known, is a daily sight in my travels with the dog. I did this pastel of the building, built in 1912, several years ago.


On Tuesday I was rehearsing my presentation for a talk at the TEIA, Island Inspirations, when Daisy walked through. She remains my muse, only taller. A lot taller.


I’m better known on the island as “Daisy’s mom” which suits me just fine. I’m grateful to the entire island community that sustains me and endlessly sparks my imagination.

You want color? How about all the blue hydrangeas everywhere?


Or something blue in my neighbor’s backyard?


The weather has been pretty foggy lately, but provides a dreamy backdrop, of which I’m rather fond.


Today the sunshine returned, and the island flora and fauna are happy.


While everyone else is out vacationing, I’ve been drawing like mad to finish some pastels for tonight’s show. I did some miniatures, thinking it would be quicker. Wrong. But I had fun just the same.


Here’s my excuse to use rugosa pink.


Time for a quick bike ride to smell the roses! Then I’ll head to the “club.” Maybe I’ll see you there?

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