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October is my month, and it’s filled to the brim with everything right now. Today’s full moon coincides with the preview opening of Collect at Maine College of Art, their fall art sale that supports both scholarships for students and the artists participating. I’ve included Seven Moon Sonata just for this auspicious occasion:


I also have two pastels done during a residency at MECA’s Pace House, Flea Island and The Pace Barn.



While retrieving the original art for Collect, I visited the Jamie Wyeth show in Boston as a guest of Luna Press publisher, Nancy F. W. Passmore, and spied this luscious full moon detail.


There’s exquisite evidence of his friendship with Andy Warhol.


Whether you are a Wyeth fan or not, the show is a compelling slice of his world. Jamie says, “The danger with Maine is that it is so anecdotal and emblematic in terms of pretty houses, pretty lobster traps- “quaint” things. Maine is not that way. Maine has a lot of edge, a lot of angst. In particular, islands, the part I know of Maine from having lived on them.”

I can relate to that.

This year’s Collect show will be held in the new Artists at Work space on Congress Street in Portland October 8, 9, and 10. Come find your artist!


Right now it’s back to the drawing board, working on another illustration for a picture book set on…an island! It’s not looking like we’ll see the moon rise tonight, but here’s  one from my collection of moons, Hazel Moon, August 2014.




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  1. Lovely moon post. Did you see the eclipse this morning? It was stunning here in Madison. Missing our walk today but thinking of you, Marty & Daisy. Got you small presents today. Love y’all and all things lunar. Thanks for turning me on to the lunar calendar too, lo those many years ago.

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