O October, how I love thee! This month has been super full of everything: deadlines, events, travels. And the San Francisco Giants just won the World Series. How much better can it get? Well, today my advance copy of John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall arrived from Charlesbridge Publishing.


This non-fiction picture book details a single episode in Muir’s youth. I learned a ton about him, and sharpened a pile of pencils illustrating it.

Last week I received a new version of the book jacket for Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins due out in spring 2015. I wrote about the cover process here. This is art director Diane Earley’s redesign.


And a few weeks ago, Charlesbridge sent the Mandarin edition of Rickshaw Girl, also by Mitali.


What good fortune to work with stellar colleagues such as Susan Sherman, Yolanda Scott, Whitney Leader-Picone, Karen Boos, Martha Sikemma, and Diane Earley. They bring out my best.

Charlesbridge celebrates their 25th anniversary in November. Congratulations, fine folks!


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