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cha- cha- Charlesbridge

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Book: John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall, Book: Rickshaw Girl, Children's Book Illustration, Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing | 0 comments

O October, how I love thee! This month has been super full of everything: deadlines, events, travels. And the San Francisco Giants just won the World Series. How much better can it get? Well, today my advance copy of John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall arrived from Charlesbridge Publishing. This non-fiction picture book details a single episode in Muir’s youth. I learned a ton about him, and sharpened a pile of pencils illustrating it. Last week I received a new version of the book jacket for Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins due out in spring 2015. I wrote about the cover process here. This is...

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Seven kickers

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1- With yesterday’s news that I am on the New York Public Library’s first Top 100 books of the last 100 years, I am OVER THE MOON. Hooray for Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins! To see what amazing company I am in, see the full list here. This chapter book was my first children’s book published, and Mitali remains an amazing mentor for me in the field of children’s books, leading the way in my first outings at schools and libraries. My portrait barely catches her brilliant smile. 2- Cool news: I will be illustrating another Mitali title, Tiger Boy, still in the...

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Rickshaw Girl rides in India

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Book: Rickshaw Girl, Children's Book Illustration | 1 comment

Wow! I received my Marathi (India) copy of Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins. I love it! The reproductions of my illustrations are good, and they pair nicely with the text I can’t read. I have a cool book with typefaces that I turned to when working on the book 5 years ago.   This was one sketch for the cover that didn’t fly. Anyway, I’m proud to see the cover in all it’s variations, especially the Korean, Japanese, and Indian versions: Bravo, Mitali, for bringing this story to life!...

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labors of love & seaweed soup

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What a fast summer, full of sunshine and seaweed soup. Thanks to the brilliant bookings of Curious City, I had the honor of visiting another round of libraries, including my very own, the small but mighty Peaks Island Branch. A pretend delicacy from Seven Days of Daisy made it’s debut: jellyfish sandwiches!   You can make yours with graham crackers, vanilla icing, red licorice string, and peach gummies. Yummy! It was the final evening of the Summer Reading Program, and the esteemed Pat Crowley Rockwell was a major addition, providing piano music and a song (days of the week, what...

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connections on the book trail

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in Book: Rickshaw Girl, Book: Seven Days of Daisy, Maine College of Art | 1 comment

I recently visited Judy Labrasca’s narrative book class at Maine College of Art, scene of the crime 9 years ago when I hatched my own Seven Days of Daisy. It’s a marvelous class, and I enjoy revisiting the space where stories begin. Judy always brings in lots of supplies, all organized in irresistible fashion. She also brings in loads of books for browsing when the mind draws a blank. Quite satisfying that mine are in the mix. Judy shares a ton of information, which might seem overwhelming, but becomes a backdrop to all the inspiration. She made small books for students to start...

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one world

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On the seventh day of the seventh month, my busy tour of bookish events around Seven Days of Daisy began at the Graves Memorial Library in Kennebunkport. Quite auspiciously, too, since I was there over four years ago on a visit with Mitali Perkins and Rickshaw Girl. Nice to start with familiar faces! In keeping with the summer reading program of One World, Many Voices, I gave a presentation first to a book group of girls who had just read Rickshaw Girl. I showed images from my childhood, my early career as an illustrator, and then sketches and referencing in the making of illustrations for...

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