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Sweet ‘Art @ the PMA

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Book: Warmer World, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Peaks Island, Publisher: Storey Publishing | 0 comments

Cabin fever from all these blizzards has left a pile of hand-made valentines, all red and pretty for this week’s First Friday Sweet Art @ the Portland Museum of Art. My first batch is 20 one-of-a-kind, signed on the back cards, made beside a crackling fire with love. After the storm, it was back to Maine College of Art, where the entire Illustration Department, students, alums, and faculty are also crafting feverishly towards this First Friday. But first, an island car must be dug out. What?!! The town car, too? A double whammy when there is no island garage or you had to park on the...

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more PDX love

Posted by on Jul 26, 2014 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Illustration, Travels, Zines | 0 comments

It’s been two weeks since we visited the Other Portland, but the glow remains. This is one souvenir, a tea towel by Catstudio. ICON8 kept us pretty busy, but we enjoyed many sights in transit. Especially the public art. An eyeball with a steering wheel, now that’s a metaphor I can love. This one’s on a busy island, so people walk through it. Total whimsy. A monument to two wheels. This is my sketch of a sculpture seen on the way to the airport.  A funny cloud standing on steel rain. Loved this assemblage seen at Oblations, spokes of measurements. Time shines on. That place...

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portland 2 portland

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Illustration, Travels, Zines | 1 comment

When we moved to Maine 22 years ago from San Francisco, it was necessary to repeat Portland MAINE many times to the movers. On the west coast only Portland, Oregon counts. Tomorrow we go there for the first time, and see what magic awaits at the Illustration Conference, ICON8. This gathering of illustrators, art directors, and designers promises to cross our eyeballs. I’ve crafted a handy little zine of my Maine sketches to share. This includes a portrait of ICON attendee and recent MECA illo grad, Liz Long. Just caught up with her this morning, she’s ready to fly, light as a...

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daring adventures in collage

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Children's Book Illustration, Collage, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing | 0 comments

When my super talented kin Mati Rose McDonough asked to interview me for her colorful e-course, Daring Adventures in Collage, I said YEAH! It prompted me to consider my connections to collage and the currents running through all my work. I didn’t discover collage formally until art history class at RISD, but had made cut paper cards as a child. This is my first published illustration, incorporating a scrap of Dick and Jane text to reference an educational crisis in teaching, August of 1980! My first eight years of freelance illustration in Boston brought opportunities for collage added...

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heron cottage retreat

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Maine College of Art, Peaks Island, Travels | 0 comments

Ever since I drew a heron for Susan Blackaby’s Nest, Nook & Cranny, I see them everywhere. I’ve spied them in the fog. My neighbor, Kathy Hanley, loves herons, too. She created one for her own deck. She and her husband, award-winning architect Will Winkelman, recently renovated the cottage they built on Peaks Island, dubbing it the Heron Cottage. For the first seven years of their marriage, they lived in this two-bedroom home while building a bigger house nearby to make room for a new family. It’s a marvelously secret spot, facing a pond protected by the Peaks Island...

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a Brit, 3 bears, and a book group

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Book: Nest Nook & Cranny, Book: Warmer World, Illustration | 0 comments

Some folks think being an artist is like a fairy tale. On certain days, I might agree. Like Wednesday, when I encountered a Brit, three bears, and a book group. For starters, I met fellow children’s book illustrator, Hazel Mitchell, for a chatty lunch at the Liberal Cup in Hallowell, Maine. Never mind pie, face time with another artist is a really big treat! Hazel hails from Yorkshire, England, but finds the rolling fields of Detroit, Maine much to her liking. Thanks, Hazel, for making the trek! She documented my prize: a carved bear by Dan Burns, a surprise win in the Hubbard Free...

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