Book: Island Birthday


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Today’s rain is a welcome break in the action.  June’s been a swoon of events involving illustration all over the Maine map. Things began with a bang on First Friday with the opening of Cathryn Falwell’s exhibit in the Children’s Room at the Portland Public Library. My show is up next, so I needed to see How It Is Done. Bravo, Cathryn! Besides showing the original illustrations from her latest book, The Nesting Quilt, she also made it real. As well as a big nest for little peeps to play in! From the library, I flew to Pinecone & Chickadee, where I am part of a...

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Island Birthday party

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Thanks to the Friends of the Peaks Island Library, a swell party for Island Birthday took place on Friday at the Community Room, with the whole Peaks Island School in attendance. Woot! I shared a slideshow with some of the back story. One sharp-eyed student noticed that I printed “island” and used cursive for “birthday” in the illustration for the title page. Yes, that’s a real stamp on the envelope, which I placed over my pastel. I showed some of my reference photos, like this one in which my model, Nikolai, is pretending to swim in my yard. And his friend,...

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Bloomin’ books!

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This is a super duper first: I have 3 new books recently published! They are written by different authors, and have very different stories to tell. BUT, they have a few things in common, besides featuring my work: Each book has lots of blue on the cover, yup! And there is water involved. And the moon plays a part in every story. Here’s a list of bookish events coming up:   June 27 at 10 AM Hello Hello Books  Rockland, Maine Author of ISLAND BIRTHDAY, Eva Murray, and I will have our first book event together. Two islanders’ ferry schedules converge, watch out. Eva will read and I...

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Island Birthday has landed!

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Like an airplane long awaited, Island Birthday by Eva Murray (Tilbury House) has landed in bookstores! “Hogan’s lively, brightly colored pastel illustrations bring the distinctive island setting to life. This book engagingly invites young readers to explore a different lifestyle from a child’s perspective.” —Kirkus...

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Island Birthday

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When Tilbury House editor Audrey Maynard approached me with a manuscript by Eva Murray, right off I was intrigued. A picture book by an admired author that combines bad weather with a mopey kid on a remote island? It all  sounded…familiar. I put together a pencil dummy book and asked the 8 year-old across the street to be my model. He gave me his awesome drawing of a plane! I’ve drawn this Peaks Island native before. He made an appearance in my 2011 Sketchbook Project, counting chocolate eggs. His whole family is a great source of inspiration, in fact. I used their colorful...

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matinicus island

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Tilbury House editor Audrey Maynard asked in April if I’d illustrate a picture book set on an island? YES. Written by Eva Murray? DOUBLE YES. I’ve enjoyed her colorful voice since reading her local columns and hearing her speak on Peaks Island about her book, Well Out to Sea a few years back. I handed over my book dummy for “Island Birthday” in mid-July, and now seemed a good time to combine research with a family field trip. The contrasts between Peaks Island and Matinicus abound: Peaks gets 16 ferries every DAY, each trip about 15 minutes one way. Matinicus gets 30...

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