Island Birthday

Celebrating Literacy at PIES

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It’s a treat to visit schools where literacy is celebrated. But it’s downright spectacular when it’s the island school down the street, where your own child learned to read. The Peaks Island Elementary School invited Scott Nash, Anne Sibley O’Brien, and me to meet teachers and students who read our books and created book reviews, skits, and reports. Teacher Leader Renee Bourgoine-Serio opened the evening with questions from kids. Mainly they wanted to know: WHEN is Scott coming out with a sequel to The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate? And then the Draw...

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long live lunacy

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Have you heard? There will be a full moon on Christmas for the first time since 1977. I’m well versed in lunar cycles, thanks to my contributions to the Lunar Calendar since 1983. Over the years, I’ve had the honor of creating the color cover several times, always a treat. These are a few of the ideas I presented to publisher Nancy F. W. Passmore for the 40th edition. The calendar is a vertical format with a fold, and I like to cross that, if possible. Nancy is fond of the idea of keeping her moon boat afloat, so she picked the bottom left. I was happy to develop the one idea...

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Long Island celebration

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What fun to island hop for another celebration of summer reading, this time at the Long Island Library. As a long-time member of the Island Institute, I enjoy learning about other islands, but visiting them is too rare. The logistics of going “down the bay” requires first a trip to Portland on Casco Bay Lines and then another ferry to another 4 stops. What would have been about an hour-plus of ferry time became a 15 minute trip on a water taxi instead, thanks to my host. But man, was it a soupy morning. No horizon line visible, and nothing to see in our wake, either. Captain John...

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drawing Miss Daisy

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Our daughter Daisy has always had a keen eye. And she’s provided infinite inspiration over the years. She’s front and center with her tribe of island peers in Seven Days of Daisy. This original hangs now at the Portland Public Library in my exhibit, Storybook Waters. Peaks Island has provided a spectacular background for visual stories. This image of Daisy dreaming helped me land my first children’s book from Charlesbridge. Daisy’s love for Moonrise Kingdom found it’s way into my Sketchbook Project Shop Walk, many thanks to Find for the vintage dress....

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Celebrating summer reading

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I was honored to be the guest at the final Summer Reading Program led by veteran story time maestro Pat Crowley-Rockwell at the Peaks Island Library last week. She introduced me with great flair, and I shared details of creating my illustrations for Island Birthday by Eva Murray, from story board sketches to final art. Pat’s Story & Craft program meets every Tuesday evening all summer long, pairing books and activities for a dedicated troop of island kids and visitors. Following the reading, she demonstrated the craft of folding paper planes. This artist is drawing a decorative...

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Storybook Waters

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The Storybook Waters of Illustrator Jamie Hogan opened last week, with a swell flock of peeps gathering to see my originals from 7 picture books, and hear Eva Murray read Island Birthday. It’s not every day two island girls make a book. We both deal with crossing water; I was delayed leaving Peaks Island because of capacity crowds on the Casco Bay Lines ferry. Eva flew from Matinicus, thanks to clear weather. Smiles abound when serendipity brings us together, in the Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library at the Main Branch of the Portland Public Library....

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