Between Books and Blizzards

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Children's Book Illustration, Collage, Illustration, Peaks Island, Publisher: Tilbury House | 2 comments

When I saw the forecast a week ago, I dared to ship all my original art to Tilbury House instead of driving there in a blizzard. Not an easy decision, given I’ve had this work in my head and on my table for the past five months. Whew! Ana and the Sea Star by R. Lynne Roelfs will be out in Fall 2017. Driving down front to the post office on Peaks Island, all was quiet before the storm. Even us chickens. I’m a snail mailer from way back, so the island post office is an almost daily destination. Isn’t it cute? Once the storm picked up steam, I ventured out for a weather report...

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Pacers and pencils

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in Collage, Drawing, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Pastels, Travels | 2 comments

Maine College of Art’s Pace House is a legendary destination for alums and students. With great anticipation, I drove the MECA van with 7 of this year’s senior illustration majors and their fearless leader Mary Anne Lloyd under crisp October skies to Stonington, Maine. The house is full of art by Stephen Pace and his wife Palmina, whose hats hang in the front hall. Annelise and Gunnar wasted no time in embodying their kindred spirits. We made lunch and then scattered to scout out the local village and environs. I made a pie to bake later. Mary Anne put her lasagna in the oven,...

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Tall Tales from ICON9: Day 3 & 4

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Children's Book Illustration, Collage, Comics, Drawing, Fashion Illustration, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Travels, Zines | 3 comments

Welcome to more epic recapping of ICON9, the Illustration Con held in Austin. Last Friday July 8 more awesomeness awaited us in the form of Martha Rich, ICON’s Emcee and quick-change artist. Who needs a Martha Rich paper doll set? I do! Tall Tale or fact? Martha is a Mainer! She grew up in Pennsylvania, the daughter of ministers, and invited us all to exchange the peace, which the mob of 600 gladly did. Anita Kunz made a stellar presentation on why art matters. Whoever thought a cartoon could kill, she asked. With imagery, she showed how art can recruit or resist war, worship gods,...

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Tall Tales from ICON9: Day 1 and 2

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Children's Book Illustration, Collage, Comics, Drawing, Fashion Illustration, Illustration, Travels, Zines | 1 comment

ICON9 was one giddy up good time in Austin! My sketch of Daisy’s boot, from a pair she bought the last time we were in Austin, became the opener for zines I brought along. I drew on the flights from Maine, too. Couldn’t believe what I saw out the window! After a hearty welcome from our dear locals, Kathy and Barton, Marty and I checked into the Hilton Austin which was HQ for the hoedown. July 6 began four rootin’ tootin’ days of the best illustration conference on the prairie. I missed the introductions, trying to find coffee to fuel me for the full day ahead of an...

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Celebrating Literacy at PIES

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Book: Island Birthday, Book: Seven Days of Daisy, Children's Book Illustration, Collage, Drawing, Illustration, Peaks Island, School Visits | 5 comments

It’s a treat to visit schools where literacy is celebrated. But it’s downright spectacular when it’s the island school down the street, where your own child learned to read. The Peaks Island Elementary School invited Scott Nash, Anne Sibley O’Brien, and me to meet teachers and students who read our books and created book reviews, skits, and reports. Teacher Leader Renee Bourgoine-Serio opened the evening with questions from kids. Mainly they wanted to know: WHEN is Scott coming out with a sequel to The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate? And then the Draw...

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Sketchbook Studio @ the PMA

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Art Classes, Collage, Drawing, Maine College of Art | 0 comments

Before I headed into my Sketchbook Studio event at the Portland Museum of Art on Wednesday, I spun through some favorite books about drawing. They always lift my spirits. In The Undressed Art: why we draw author Peter Steinhart quotes Matisse: “Drawing is the precision of thought.” My colleague in illustration, Cat Bennett, who leads a Saturday Morning Drawing group, quotes Picasso in The Confident Creative: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” John Hendrix claims in Drawing Is Magic, “If you treat your sketchbook...

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