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Storybook Waters

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The Storybook Waters of Illustrator Jamie Hogan opened last week, with a swell flock of peeps gathering to see my originals from 7 picture books, and hear Eva Murray read Island Birthday. It’s not every day two island girls make a book. We both deal with crossing water; I was delayed leaving Peaks Island because of capacity crowds on the Casco Bay Lines ferry. Eva flew from Matinicus, thanks to clear weather. Smiles abound when serendipity brings us together, in the Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library at the Main Branch of the Portland Public Library....

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slow motion ocean

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Book: Warmer World, Cricket Magazine, Illustration | 2 comments

Isn’t the internet grand? How else would I learn that May 23 is World Turtle Day? Now’s a good time to share a recent assignment for Cricket Magazine’s May/June cover about loggerhead turtles. I did a pile of small thumbnail sketches, and within this batch Art Director Karen Kohn chose the direction to go. She asked for a visual “reveal” to appear on the back of the cover art. I did this colored pencil sketch next, showing the mother returning to the sea at sunrise, her eggs in a sandy nest. This final illustration appears inside on the Contents page. Inside, a...

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Sweet ‘Art @ the PMA

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Cabin fever from all these blizzards has left a pile of hand-made valentines, all red and pretty for this week’s First Friday Sweet Art @ the Portland Museum of Art. My first batch is 20 one-of-a-kind, signed on the back cards, made beside a crackling fire with love. After the storm, it was back to Maine College of Art, where the entire Illustration Department, students, alums, and faculty are also crafting feverishly towards this First Friday. But first, an island car must be dug out. What?!! The town car, too? A double whammy when there is no island garage or you had to park on the...

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warm wishes

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Book: Warmer World, Collage, Illustration, Maine College of Art | 3 comments

Perhaps I worked at Hallmark in another life. I love greeting cards. Making them, buying them, sending them. With the advent of e-cards, I’m even more determined to snail mail something that is handsomely crafted and lovingly decorated. While still pondering what this year’s holiday greeting might look like, I re-purposed some old postcards, with a circle cutter, a glue stick, and some fun handmade papers I bought. Paired with colorful envelopes and scraps of old wrapping paper, off they went to the Peaks Island Post Office. The arctic fox illustration is from A Warmer World by...

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polar dip and dash

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It’s that time again: the Natural Resources Council of Maine is leading the charge around Back Cove and into chilly Casco Bay tomorrow at high noon. I’ve once again donated copies of my book, A Warmer World, to the top kid dippers and dashers in their annual Polar Bear Dip and Dash. Chicken me will not be dipping, I’ll be in my studio drawing in a frenzy on my John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall deadline. I’ll keep those dippers in mind as I draw Muir drenched. While polar bears are the poster boys for climate change, on a local level, other species are shifting habitats...

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thar she blows

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My superhero Marty framed three originals from Here Come the Humpbacks for the upcoming Children’s Book Illustration Exhibit at Charlesbridge Publishing during Children’s Book Week in May. It was worth the hustle: Charlesbridge designer Whitney Leader-Picone was due to arrive on Peaks Island for a quick outing with her parents, visiting from California. What good sports to sail across the bay on a blustery spring day. We gathered at the island cafe along with fellow islanders and Charlesbridge regulars Tim Nihoff and Anne Sibley O’Brien. I can’t tell you how rare such...

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