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Location, location, location. The Camden Public Library has it in spades. Opened in 1928, this sumptuous library is a worthy destination among so many in beautiful Camden, Maine.


Situated on a hill overlooking the harbor, the library has a loyal following, thanks to Amy Hand, their intrepid children’s librarian, who coordinated a swell group of children’s book creators. I was honored to be in such fine company.


The Owl and Turtle Book Store was ready for us!


On a gorgeous August Saturday, it’s true book lovers that show up to meet authors and illustrators. I had eager artists drawing whale stories with me, on a carpet almost as wide as a newborn humpback, and filled with sea creatures.



Sam’s drawing is all about a sperm whale chasing a colossal squid near an underground volcano. Boom!


Stephen Costanza brought an original painting, cover art from Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra, and discusses it here with a young artist/reader.


Each of us made a short presentation about our work in a sun splashed rotunda. Hazel Mitchell got the audience drawing, too!


Hazel captured Betsy Thompson sharing the process of her counting book with a handy assistant.


Author Ellen Potter and cartoonist Chris Heatley stole the show with his rousing songs about Otis Dooda, the lead character from their new book. Ellen used her son as a beta tester for spot-on humor in early drafts for the story.


Between signing books, I sketched Miss Amy, who didn’t stand still long enough.


Hazel, Stephen and I were the last to depart, and we lingered for awhile at the nearby 40 Paper, glad for a chance to talk shop and share  conviviality among cohorts who rarely see each other.


Thank you, Amy and the Camden Public Library. Always a treat to visit where kids and their families appreciate books!

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