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When award-winning children’s book author Cynthia Lord invited illustrators to come sketch the baby bunnies she’s been fostering, I was so there. I’ve followed her regular posts on Facebook, and did this sketch of Benjamin, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit she brought home from Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue.


She also brought home Peggotty at the same time, who surprised them soon after by delivering four baby bunnies! Following their progess was fascinating and a dose of reality. Two of them, Tiny Tim and Pip, did not thrive and died. Meanwhile, Dodger and Fezziwig have grown and moved into a new pen as they reached a month old.

I joined fellow Maine kidlit illustrators Hazel Mitchell and Russ Cox on the floor, already sketching with the bunnies hopping about. They’re darting about now, and it’s a challenge to get a few lines down before they jump away. Most of my details went into drawing Peggotty, the mother.


Worth every mile to hold such an adorable ball of warmth as Dodger.


Fezzi enjoyed checking out my sketchpad.


This is Russ’ page of fun bunnies.


We watched Peggotty get a snack, while we munched on cookies.


Fezzi is wondering “what is Toby Time?” as he lingers in Hazel’s arms.


With a new book about her dog Toby coming from Candlewick in September, Hazel is adept at capturing animals. This is just one page of many she drew.


While we chatted, of course, Beatrix Potter came up. Author and illustrator Charlotte Agell joined the fun, holding Dodger here.


She captured so much with her speedy sketches!


In my sketch, Peggotty is pretty relaxed, totally fine with all the attention.


These bunnies will be available for adoption at two months. Contact Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue if you are interested!


Thanks to Cynthia for fostering these animals and sharing her home with us. We need to do live sketching more often. Maybe next time on Peaks, anybody? We have horses here!

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