Llove is Llove

I heard the news today. We surely need love more than ever, every minute.

I’ve been doing my tiny bit to spread it around. A few weeks ago, I dropped off a pile of cards and valentines at Knit Wit Yarn Shop, the one and only place to find my cards out in the world.

Then I made a collage with a re-purposed illustration of mine for the first of February’s Rabbit Rabbit tradition.

It got me thinking about an animal themed valentine. From a knitting book I illustrated this llama gave me an idea.

It feels more urgent that opposites need to love each other. What animal would make a good contrast?

This little fancy pig, that’s who.

With some bits from my box of valentine scraps, and a white pen, voila.

I brought my design to Bayside Printing and then mailed my cards as far and wide as I could. Because showing love is not just for your hottie!

Of course, my guy got a handmade card!

As well as my handmade cookies and unique finds from Portland Trading Company.

We don’t mess around. Going all out, even as we approach our 30th anniversary, because.

Marty made this adorable card for me, queen of dots.

Roses and truffles and a Maine charm necklace by our Peaks neighbor, Judy Fitch. Swoon!!!

I battled my love hangover to cross Casco Bay, warmed by the sight of the Love Bandit’s mark on Fort Gorges.

photo © Sean Thomas

I had the honor of sharing the classroom all afternoon with the best illo ninjas, in my Picture Book course at Maine College of Art. My esteemed colleague and Best Illustration Department Chair, Mary Anne Lloyd, caught this shot outside the hive.

From there, the evening only got better as my date and I dined at Walter’s before ferrying home to a surprise plate of sweets left by our beloved neighbors. Blessings abound!

Time now to head back to the drawing board, filled with sugar and an abiding faith in that…. all you need is love.