Between Books and Blizzards

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When I saw the forecast a week ago, I dared to ship all my original art to Tilbury House instead of driving there in a blizzard. Not an easy decision, given I’ve had this work in my head and on my table for the past five months. Whew! Ana and the Sea Star by R. Lynne Roelfs will be out in Fall 2017.


Driving down front to the post office on Peaks Island, all was quiet before the storm. Even us chickens.


I’m a snail mailer from way back, so the island post office is an almost daily destination. Isn’t it cute?


Once the storm picked up steam, I ventured out for a weather report of my own. The first foot of snow is normal enough.


Cue the sound effects here: crashing waves and howling wind.


I hiked up to Tolman Heights, no sledders in sight.


Wow, like magic, my husband hero had begun shoveling.


My studio is one of the coziest places I know, so I holed up with my valentine supplies.


I heard my Ana and the Sea Star art had arrived safely, and made this card in honor of all those letter carriers delivering love to every corner.


I also made some sweetness for my own valentine, because what good is a blizzard without baking?


We enjoyed a lovely valentine date last night at Vignola, and looked for heart-shaped icebergs on the ride home.


Found these delicious cards upon return. Thank you, beloved peeps!


Above, top row: Eleanor Morse, Marty Braun, Kim Traina. Bottom row: Mary Anne Lloyd, Katherine Mahoney, and Inky Blue design (sent by Emma McCabe.)

Now it’s back to the drawing board on new projects before the next blizzard….stay warm, everyone.



  1. Oh my! What a loving post!! I love the art for Ana and the Sea Star!!! I love your trip around the island burst my heart open! Then, your beautiful home and studio, topped off with valentines (yours are the best evah), love cookies, icebergs and then what you received in the way of Valentines. Onto the next blizzard. Loved seeing you at Anne’s housewarming. Miss our walks. Hope to see you soon. XO, Peg

  2. This all made me smile. Thank you!

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