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Llove is Llove

Posted by on Feb 15, 2018 in Drawing, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Peaks Island | 6 comments

I heard the news today. We surely need love more than ever, every minute. I’ve been doing my tiny bit to spread it around. A few weeks ago, I dropped off a pile of cards and valentines at Knit Wit Yarn Shop, the one and only place to find my cards out in the world. Then I made a collage with a re-purposed illustration of mine for the first of February’s Rabbit Rabbit tradition. It got me thinking about an animal themed valentine. From a knitting book I illustrated this llama gave me an idea. It feels more urgent that opposites need to love each other. What animal would make a...

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Babette’s Feast

Posted by on Jan 30, 2018 in Illustration, Pastels, Portland Stage Company | 2 comments

I worked on the poster illustration for Portland Stage’s world premiere of Babette’s Feast about a year ago. It wound up being a circuitous journey to the final piece, which can happen sometimes. I faintly recalled having seen the movie years ago, but didn’t want to see it again or color my approach too much by what had been done cinematically. I based my ideas on the script written by Rose Courtney and adapted from the short story by Isak Dinesen. Local actor and Affiliate Artist Abigail Killeen conceived and developed the play, which is set in the small town of Berlevag...

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Winter walks

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in Pastels, Peaks Island | 4 comments

As the anniversary of the Women’s March arrives, I’m reflecting on when I walked the very slowest in my life. Being in a huddled mass of humanity was life-affirming, our scrawled signs of dissent, our loud voices, our crush of bodies moving through Manhattan that historic day. In the year since, I have walked daily, mostly solo but sometimes with others. I am deeply nourished by these walks and none more so than now, in the heart of winter on an island in Maine. I recently came across two things that confirm why my winter walks are so important. In Brain Pickings, a marvelous...

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Portland Public Library Bookmarks!

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in Children's Book Illustration, Illustration, Peaks Island, Portland Public Library | 0 comments

Here’s the tale of how my Portland Public Library 150 Commemorative Bookmark came about. When Marty and I were contacted last May about participating in a series of artists’ bookmarks the library would use for fundraising, we said YEAH!!!! Of course! Well, right after asking when did they need the art, because that’s always my first consideration. Project manager extraordinaire Heather Wasklewicz didn’t need the artwork until the end of August. That meant I could stall until a couple of weeks before. I have a saying (it comes from teaching) the more time you give an...

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Illustration, Portland Stage Company | 1 comment

When I learned last winter that this season’s holiday show at Portland Stage Company would be It’s a Wonderful Life, I couldn’t WAIT to see the live radio play version. Joe Landry’s adaptation brought in all the vintage touches of a live radio broadcast, with applause signs, a foley table, and period commercials for cake soap and hair tonic. I worked on rough ideas for the theater poster last February. My first idea used a big radio as if it’s the pivotal scene on the bridge between George Bailey and his guardian angel, Clarence. Another composition, with a...

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Sweet finish for Illustration MECA juniors

Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Art Classes, Drawing, Illustration, Maine College of Art, Peaks Island | 0 comments

I last wrote about my class at Maine College of Art after the first month of the semester HERE. So so SO much has happened since! I’ve gotten to know the Junior Major illustration students  better, their abilities and voices have grown, and it has been one blur of productivity. Project 2 finals were brought in, and the crit was quite articulate and thoughtful, regarding the success of illustrating a figure in an environment with convincing space and depth. These two used the phone as a prop.     Project 3 involved illustrating one of three editorial essays for a magazine. One was from...

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